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Why we need your support for the
Vandenberg Village Park & Playground Coalition Effort:

The Vandenberg Village Park & Playground Coalition was formed as the result of a 1.5 acre parcel being donated to Santa Barbara County by the Reid K. Alexander Family Trust for the purpose of creating a park and playground for the residents of Vandenberg Village. At the the time of the donation the land was valued at over $400,000.00.

The initial construction of the Vandenberg Village Park & Playground will be a financial challenge. We have estimates of between $250,000 to $300,000 dollars to create a park and playground that will become a centerpiece of our community. The VVP&PC board of directors have applied for grants and was successful in getting a $3,200.00 grant from the Fund for Santa Barbara. We have received large donations from SpaceX ($250.00), Village Lions Club ($1,700.00), Lompoc Valley in Bloom ($500.00) and a few private citizens. We have applied for other grants and are waiting on the dispositon of those grants. Experience has shown that those communities who also step up with a financial commitment of their own stand a far better chance of receiving favorable consideration of their grant submissions. Unfortunately, no matter how worthy your project may be, grants are not a sure thing and we could be waiting quite awhile for the results of our applications. To successfully build this park and playground in a timely manner - we need full community support. If everyone pitches in a little - we will be able to achieve our goal of creating this much needed community asset.

We are asking each houshold in Vandenberg Village to become a Supporting Member by voluntarily making a tax deductible donation of $20.00 or more - once a year. We have approximately 2,400 households within Vandenberg Village and if each household donated the minimum amount we could generate approximately $48,000.00 per year.

These financial resources will help us with initial construction and then later it will help us with maintenance of the park and playground equipment. However, we envision the time when we can expand our support to other parks and playgrounds within Vandenberg Village such as Falcon Park, or Village Hills Little League Fields.

Currently our focus is on raising funds to pay for a topographical survey which will be used to create our master-plan. Once the master-plan is approved we can begin purchasing the playground equipment and other park amenities. The park and playground will be built in phases starting with the "Tot-Lot" for our 1 - 4 year olds. Construction will begin as soon as funds become available.

Please consider becoming a Supporting Member.

We are looking for those unique individuals or groups who are willing to help us make a difference right here in our own community. Folks who realize that nice communities just don't happen on their own - they are built over time by civic minded people. One could rightfully consider this effort as an investment that will pay dividends to future generations to come.

Supporting Members will have many opportunities to volunteer for such things as membership building, fundraising events, landscaping, construction and assembly of playground equipment. And let's not forget that once the park & playground is built, we will need help with routine maintenance.

To become a Supporting Member or to make a Donation please start by downloading the fillable Membership Card and saving it to your desktop. Click here for the VVP&PC Membership Card.

Next, fill out the membership form. Please indicate if you also want to be a Volunteer as well as a Supporting Member and the amount of any donation you feel you would like to give. Please do us the favor of including your email address. This is the most cost effective method for us to keep you informed. We will not share or sell the information with anyone, in fact we use the "bcc" method of addressing emails which means even your fellow members will not have access to your address.

Next: print the form and place it in an envelope along with a check made out to the VVP&PC ($20.00 minimum for Supporting Membership) and mail it to: Vandenberg Village Park & Playground Coalition, 3920 Rigel Avenue, Lompoc CA 93436

Try our New online payment option.

Use PayPal / Credit Card to pay your Supporting Membership fee or Make a Donation
(Please fill out the online Membership Card and email it to Contactus@VVPPC.org)

We are a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, and have been approved for tax exempt status under
Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions to us are deductible under section 170 of the Code.
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